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Customer Satisfaction

Whilst it is clear that Bobi is an expert in his field, this in fact only tells half the story of the success of ISOPTIK. The other has to be the results that keep customers coming back for more, even when the glasses are up to 20x more expensive than standard eyeglasses. Bobi is adamant that the cost is irrelevant when compared to the improvement his clients' experience. "Normal eyeglasses can make you see better or clearer but ISOPTIK eyeglasses give you instant crystal clear vision at any distances as if you were young again and with no concentration required." As he points out, the key to the store, and Master Bobi's success is in the seeing. These eyeglasses might cost more but they help you see better, feel better, look better and in turn work better. You can enjoy your life more and, as Bobi explains, they can also help you to earn more money in the long run. For many people, good vision is a key component of their job. If you are a doctor performing specialist surgery, a watch or jewellery designer working with miniature parts or even a busy executive studying the markets on your monitor, you need precious high quality vision. As he puts it, Bobi is working with something very precious, the patient's life. "These lenses are perfect for people who need perfect vision, the lenses we sell are a special weapon to help you work with precision all day long." "So taking this argument further, if you can work better, then you can earn more money. I believe that they make you work 10% better so you can make 10% more money and make you 10% more relaxed. So after three years, you have more than made the money back that you spent." "With conventional eyeglasses your eyes can be tired after around few hours. After a hard day at work you get home and you are tired, you don't have energy to enjoy with your family. If you can work better, you can also work faster, freeing up more beautiful time for you to spend with your family." "These eyeglasses make people's lives richer in all sorts of ways, they give better sight for a better life", he states, "when you think of it this way they are actually very cheap."

Move the cursor over the images to see what Hi-End progressive lenses can do for you
Move the cursor over the images to see what Hi-End progressive lenses can do for you

What's more, he is so confident in the beneficial properties of his products that he offers a quite extraordinary guarantee to his customer. Any customer who is not entirely happy with their eyeglasses can feel free to return them within six months of purchase. "If you don't feel they are giving you a better life for whatever reason, then you can get your money back, no questions asked," he explains. "People think I am crazy but we find that when people do come back, they come to order extra pairs not to return the original pair!" He also has the policy of providing replacement glasses at 50% of the original price and will even organise for emergency glasses to be delivered to customers if they lose or break their original pair. "It's strange, people live for 50 years without these glasses but then they find that they don't want to go for one week without them." Whilst both the above services might seem a surefire method for rapid bankruptcy Bobi argues that he has a responsibility to his clients which is more important than profits. "At the end of the day, I am not selling eyeglasses I am selling a better life by best vision." As an example, he cites the case of a customer who came in and bought a pair of eyeglasses from ISOPTIK. He was incredibly happy with the transformation they made to his life but there was one sticking point, the fact that his wife didn't like the frames he had selected. Rather than worry about this extra expense Bobi happily changed them at no charge to make sure both husband and wife were happy. Apparently the client was so impressed with this level of service he recommended other clients. As Bobi points out: "I don't care about profits, I care about my customer everything else will work itself out in the end. I trust my customers; I believe they have a good heart. The best investment is to invest in the happiness of the client."
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